Tube & Berger special warm-up mix!

Tube and Berger are ready to rock the House stage at Dance Valley 2016 and we’re proud to have them. We had a little talk with the boys and they created a special warm-up mix for us!


‘’We can’t wait for Dance Valley 2016! It’s our first time and we are absolutely pumped! The House stage has a pretty strong line up and we expect it to be super wild! We want people to have a great time so we might drop even one or two classics ???? The music in the warm-up mix is the type of music the fans can expect during Dance Valley. But, no worries! There will be more steam, more sweat and more bass!

But we can’t predict what will happen. We used to meet the night before a big show and went through the sets, made big plans but in the end we played a spontaneous set. So everything is possible. Our music is a bit difficult to describe. Let’s say it’s alternative dance music with an organic touch? Recently a friend said it’s dust house. Not bad! Being on tour and having magical moments at the studio is what we live for… it’s an addiction.

To get ready for Dance Valley we made a special warm-up mix. So enjoy and SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!’’